Successful Applicants

Round 1

We are excited to share the projects from the first round of funding, comprising 26 outstanding initiatives from around the province.  These projects, led by local leaders who understand the unique needs of their communities, will foster effective climate action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build resilience to respond to the impacts of our changing climate. We applaud these project leaders for their commitment to making positive environmental impacts in their communities.

Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation

  • Project: Mahone Bay Living Shoreline: Flood protection and shoreline stabilization
  • Stream: Adaptation
  • Funding awarded: $770,604

Centre for Water Resources Studies, Dalhousie University

  • Project: Climate change impacts on community groundwater resources in Nova Scotia
  • Stream: Adaptation
  • Funding awarded: $343,000

Coastal Connections Trail Association

  • Project: Louisbourg Lighthouse Trail retreat from shoreline
  • Stream: Adaptation
  • Funding awarded: $158,400

Friends of the DesBrisay Museum

  • Project: Preserving Bridgewater’s heritage: Deep energy retrofits and flood mitigation initiatives for the DesBrisay Museum
  • Stream: Mitigation
  • Funding awarded: $349,980

Hope Blooms Youth Social Entrepreneurial Ventures Inc

  • Project: Solar tracker to power Hope Bloom’s building and irrigation system
  • Stream: Mitigation
  • Funding awarded: $130,000

Mulgrave Road Theatre

  • Project: Creation of a net-zero creative centre
  • Stream: Mitigation
  • Funding awarded: $500,000

MusGo Rider Cooperative Ltd.

  • Project: Sunlight to energy for a rural public transportation facility
  • Stream: Mitigation
  • Funding awarded: $130,400

NSCAD University

  • Project: The Flaxmobile project – Connecting NS communities through a fibre flax revitalization
  • Stream: Mitigation
  • Funding awarded: $112,000

Paq’tnkek Mi’kmaw Nation

  • Project: Solar PV feasibility study
  • Stream: Mitigation
  • Funding awarded: $77,382

South Shore Community Service Association (Bonny Lea Farm)

  • Project: Campus electrification and decarbonization project
  • Stream: Mitigation
  • Funding awarded: $348,810

The Sunset Community Incorporated

  • Project: Greening the Sunset Community with solar installations
  • Stream: Mitigation
  • Funding awarded: $126,833

Town of Antigonish

  • Project: Community district energy system feasibility study
  • Stream: Mitigation
  • Funding awarded: $300,000

Waterfront Baddeck

  • Project: Kidston Island and boardwalk shoreline resiliency
  • Stream: Adaptation
  • Funding awarded: $293,112

Cape Breton Community Housing Association

  • Project: Electrification of heating, cooling and ventilation systems/fuel switching
  • Stream: Mitigation
  • Funding awarded: $207,729

Cheticamp River Atlantic Salmon Association

  • Project: Addressing climate change impacts in the Cheticamp River Wild Salmon Watershed
  • Stream: Adaptation
  • Funding awarded: $75,000

ENRICH with MakeWay Charitable Society

  • Project: Building capacity around climate change preparedness in African Nova Scotian communities
  • Stream: Adaptation
  • Funding awarded: $250,000

Glooscap First Nation

  • Project: Glooscap Landing micro-grid with solar PV and EV charging station
  • Stream: Mitigation
  • Funding awarded: $832,418

Halifax Regional Municipality

  • Project: Halifax Solid Waste strategy review
  • Stream: Mitigation
  • Funding awarded: $306,600

Kingsburg Coastal Conservancy Association

  • Project: Assessing the carbon storage capacity of local wetlands
  • Stream: Mitigation
  • Funding awarded: $267,400

Municipality of the County of Kings

  • Project: Municipal EV charging station installation
  • Stream: Mitigation
  • Funding awarded: $405,000

New Dawn Centre for Social Innovation

  • Project: Sustainability in a centre for social innovation – building retrofits
  • Stream: Mitigation
  • Funding awarded: $776,159

One North End

  • Project: Deep energy retrofit training and capacity building for African Nova Scotians
  • Stream: Mitigation
  • Funding awarded: $127,200

Saint Mary’s University – TransCoastal Adaptations

  • Project: Building community coastal resilience with Green Shores for Homes
  • Stream: Adaptation
  • Funding awarded: $238,098

The Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq – Department of Aquatic Resources and Fisheries Management

  • Project: Preserving and enhancing cold-water refugia in Nova Scotia watersheds
  • Stream: Adaptation
  • Funding awarded: $181,722

Town of Amherst

  • Project: Flood risk mitigation infrastructure upgrades
  • Stream: Adaptation
  • Funding awarded: $349,300

Truro Curling Club

  • Project: Solar energy to power the curling club and make ice
  • Stream: Mitigation
  • Funding awarded: $200,000